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I have decided to do a tracking back of my activities in Montreal since that project in Laos with the prince failed. What i’ve been up to and how ?

 While i was working on the gold thread collection (see previous post), Ginette my friend and owner of the Effiloché sewing room and knitting lounge http://www.effiloche.com/Bienvenue.html offer me to work there since it was more practical than where i was living at that moment. People saw me work and start asking if i was giving sewing workshops. Extra pocket money is always nice so i said ”Why not” !!! and since than…

I’ve been sewing, and sewing, and… Have to admit (even with the sometime psychotic mothers to be, around. People who know me will understand who i’am talking about) that i’am having a blast !!! What can i ask more ? I have no (so often neurothic in the fashion business) boss over my head, i’am meeting plenty of interesthing people from so many different backgrounds but, the more important to me, is that i communicate my passion for sewing, textilles, design and all to other persons ! If i manage to hook up a new person, my mission is accomplish ! Especially in our time where people lost the interest in that type of handycraft and that is becoming slowly but surely an endangered specy. If they understood all the pleasure it gives to sew something with theyre very own hands (and that even if it’s not perfection at first shot), the contact with nice fibers, all the colours available… The endlesss possibilities a flat surface can hide !!! So far, the ones who have understood it better, are my little monsters ! They just mix everything together, experiments, in short they just go wild !!! It’s just great to see what they end-up with !!!

Everybody who’s interested to join us in our sometimes mad experiments are more then welcome !Just send me a sign at daniel@effiloche.com







P.S: I have to apologise for what may be really bad writen english ?!?! Sorry i’am doing my best but it is not my mother language. And by the way, i apologise for the not so good quality of the pictures. Have to invest in a better camera.


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