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Once upon a time, there was a young and idealistic canadian designer (not sure i can still use the word young anymore ?) that by a twisted play of circumstances, end up becoming a ”Fashion missionary” in Laos. What he tough would be an amazing chance to discover a new country and culture and the endlest creative possibilities is wild imagination was seing in lao traditionnal costume (in other words, a dream come true) All that turn into a nightmare when ne realised the he was in fact enslaved by the ”Evil witch of the peninsula of Luang Prabang” Locked in the atelier 6 1/2 days on 7 without the opportunity to enjoy the sun. Locked in with seamstress that spoke english like he spoke lao… Even the ”nuits d’ivresses” spended with the few friends he manage to met throug the particular comunity (to not use another term) of expatriated peoples living there and… Could not cheer him up and make him forget that he was designing garments for retard hippies. He felt lonely ! Then he met a prince (literally !!!) It was love at first sight ! He tought he had found a partner, a friend and a lover wrap into one. They where artistically really connected and really understood each other on the subject of creation (it was the only one in fact). They decided to create a collection together and builted castel in spain. The young fellow designed pieces inspired by true love (sarcasm) and the prince did gold thread embrodery on them.It should have been a match in heaven… But they’re now still perfect for each other in the world appart together. The collection is now roaming free too in the company of the ”Prince of Theifs”. 



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