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After all the nice comments (beleive me, i’m sincere when saying that i’ve really been touched by it !)  received about the dress i create for Kate Gibert first Twist Collective issue, i’ve been working really hard to put some copies of the pattern for sale before i leave on some much needed hollydays in Laos (don’t worry all the shipping will still be taken care of) !!! So it is real, the first six (6) copies (small budget and expensive process) are available on etsy http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=6190902 or in Montreal, at Effiloche (have to be reserved) http://www.effiloche.com/Bienvenue.html for all of you who love that dress and want to sew (or have it sewn) for themselve ! It comes in multi size (6 to 16), with a 3 pages confection guide (with colour pics too !) and if you like my drawings there’s one of them on the enveloppe.  For those who wont have the opportunity to buy it now (never know maybe it will sale like hot cakes ?) There will be other copies available at the end of september hopefully ?!?! I know the price may seam a bit extravagant, but the only way to have a pattern properly sized and all, was to work with a pattern making company.

I will like to add, that this is the first time i’am trying to commercialize  one of my pattern. Maybe there will be some mistake ? Will sure not be perfect at first shot ! Even if i spend many nights (too many in fact)  trying to do so ! If ever some points are not clear or you need anything please feel free to contact me ! It will be a pleasure for me to help you as long as i don’t need to sew more of them (joke)

  Seriously, that dress have been a real pleasure to make despite a quite time consuming confection. But somehow, hand sewn finishing, is for me, like knitting. It is what allows me to sit in front of the t.v. some nights and not feel too guilty about it ! So hope i didn’t write too much nonsenses ? Or sound like an infomercial ?  Enjoy the sewing !!! And please keep sending me those nice comments i’ve just became addict to it !!! 


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