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I know it’s been a while since i write something here. Let’s say that my come back to Montreal have been quite ectic with everything that needed to be done for ”PucePop” craftfair. Add to that, a post hollyday in paradise blues and i think everything is explain no ?!? The thing that’s great is, i have done new sewing patterns !!! Theyre not as particular than the dress created for Kate Gilbert’s Twist Collective magazine (a little patience there’s more to come) but i think i can say that they are quite cute ?!  

In fact, i create those patterns when i began teaching sewing at Effiloche. The point was to come up with something easy enough for the often neophites students i had, and to help sell all those coupons (cheap fabric option to compensate for those expensive but gorgeous graysone handles) and notions laying around in the store.

Those pattern have been conceived like a kniting pattern. Which means, that you don’t need a paper pattern but just to trace the pieces directly on the fabric.

 I call this bag simply D.I.Y.1 because you really have to do it yourself ! Not sure how to explain where the inspiration is coming from. The idea was to create a deconstructed version of those granny-ish, doctor-ish tapestry bag or satchel. So i took a piece of muslin and start to fool around with pleats. When the shape (which will be assymetrical and deconstructed since i like too much japanese designer. Ask my credit card !) was obtained, the fun of choosing fabrics, textures, colors… began ! The possibilities are virtually endless ! It’s up to you to mix and match. But for those who may be a bit lazy (we all feel that way sometime) There’s some allready made kits, including everything you need to make that bag, prepared at Effiloche in Montreal http://www.effiloche.com/Bienvenue.html  



This one, have been call D.I.Y.2. It’s base on the same idea as for the bag but have to say that it will be safer to make a paper pattern before cutting. I was inspired by a serie of vintage sewing/pattern making books i had found in a bazaar sale. One of this book was about the ”perfect travel wardrobe” (vintage remember ?) there was a top made of (ugly) ribbed knit fabric that was builted like a kimono. Then, i realised that we had all those rib bands and that nobody had an idea about what to do with it. So what about a top in jersey using those rib bands ? I made the top out of a really expensive lurex jersey but didn’t have much success (which is why there’s no pictures of it here). And while we’re at it why not a dress version of that pattern ? Then again, it’s so easy you can do it your eyes shut ! What can i say more ? Get your sewing machine started and run to Effiloche or if you prefer visit my etsy shop… http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=6190902 HAVE A BLAST !!!    


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I know i’m a bit late for the news. But it is now time to talk about the dress i create for Kate Gilbert’s first ”Twist collective” issue.

Like it is said in the magazine http://www.twistcollective.com/ I met Kate while she was teaching knitting and i was (still do) teaching sewing at Effiloche. I was in love with her designs and especially her ”Clapotis”. In fact, i knit 3 of them no less !!! She was curious about my work too and said she like it. So one saturday morning, she ask me if i will like to do a design ”correspondance” with her. Of course ! How can i resist to the idea of having one of Kate’s design created just for me ? We had a first meeting at her place and then start to discuss our relative tastes and mood. She explain me as a young mother what she was feeling to wear. A lot of colours, something sexy, pulled together, graphic… So than i noticed her love of Marimeko and automatically, tough of mixing it with a bit of Mary Quant and mod style of the 60’s. But somehow i was not satisfied with the direction i was taking and she didn’t seam too inspired by what she was seeing either so…


I had just received my new japanese pattern books (pattern magic) and saw that dress with seaming allover that was ending in a bunch of knots at the neckline.The seaming was like ribbons, and ribbons recalls threads. Why not a dress totally construct (like for knitwear) of ribbons ? But the ones available were not really interesting and the one i wished to used were a bit to expensinve for my ”starving artsit” budget. I was busy with knitted a cable scarf too at that moment (still are since it’s not finish) 1+1=a new idea ! What about a dress with seaming that form braided cables that will snake around the neckline ? 

I wanted to make it all black. But when i went shopping for fabrics with Kate on St-Hubert street, she show me grey flannel. A suprise when you know her love of colours ! The punch will be put in the lining then. So that’s why the dress in the magazine is in a awsome charcoal wool and cashmere flannel with a silk charmeuse in ”kate’s red” (named it that way since i personally made the mix for her). I think the effect is classy but graphic ? A bit like Kate designs no ?


But now, after all the corrections i had to make on the pattern, i’m busy on the sample for Effiloche since the pattern will be available for the intrepid seamstress who want that dress for themself soon !? I decided to treat myself on the fabric side. I choose a deep pine green wool crepe (just adore that fabric !) and i lined it with a pale blue viscose voile. The linining was a pain to cut since it is on the biais but it worth every painfull minute of it ! The result so far is so fresh ! What can i had ? Pictures are speaking for themself no ? If ever you are interested in the dress, feel free to contact me at daniel@effiloche.com

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